Monday, 22 July 2024 - 08:12 pm
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Garage Door Spring Repair Castro Valley

Garage Door Spring Repair Castro Valley for Your Garage

Castro Valley is a beautiful and attractive area in Alameda County, California.  It is home to many single family homes with garages.  Although you buy a garage new, it is normal for garages to be in need of repair or maintenance after a period.  One of the repairs that may be needed for your garage are the springs.  Garage door spring repair Castro Valley professionals can fix your springs.

Garage door springs play a major role in your garage door. They are meant to oppose the force of gravity on the garage door.  They allow the door to be able to be opened with ease and to close normally.

Your garage door will contain extension springs, mounted above or on the side of the garage door track, or torsion springs mounted above the door or in the rear of the garage.

One of the main things that a garage door spring repair Castro Valley will do is repairs.  For example,  re balancing of springs is a regular thing that should occur after about two years.   Also fixing garage door springs is a way to keep your garage healthy.

It is normal for garage door springs to last up to 9 years.  However, these days garages are being relied on more and more as the conventional ways that people enter their homes. Garage doors are opened more and more.  Therefore, it is normal for them to last only up to 6 years.

Whether you believe your garage door springs need to be replaced or repaired, never attempt to do the repair on your own.  Garage doors can be as much as 400 pounds, and if you are not equipped fo fixing a garage door, you can risk injury and even death  It is not uncommon for a garage door to fall on someone who is attempting to fix it.